An innovative wearable solution to falls

aWear will provide older people peace of mind by allowing them to call for assistance with the press of a button, and even detecting falls automatically.

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Our Inspiration

The initial inspiration for this project came from Mitch's great grandmother. She lives by herself in an apartment connected to a nursing home. If she was to fall down and hurt herself she might base unable to call for help. This led us to start thinking about a device to ensure she is able to get help whenever she needs it.

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When the help button is pressed or a fall is detected, nurses will get an immediate notification with information about the resident.


When an alert is called the nurse is provided with the location of the resident in need.


The device can be worn as a watch, lanyard or broach so if can be fitted and accessible for a wide range of residents.


To interface with the device nurses have access to a simple web server which can be accessed from any browser.

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